I’ve Got Eggs Too

Awww what a lovely shout out and “tribute” post from my Canadian blog-buddy up at Vancouver Visions – turns out we have “EGGS” in common! What a fab little read, and as always, he is a lot of fun and such a sweetheart… Thanks, Brian… you’re a peach! Mother Hen

Vancouver Visions

The other morning while I was having my first coffee of the day, and catching up on all my regular blogs, I happened to wander over to my favourite chicken coop so that I could look in and see what dear young Mother Hen was up to.  You see, she really is one of my favourite bloggers, never failing to put a smile on my face and get my day off to a good start.  On this particular morning I arrived to find that the wonderful lady in question had gone into the moviemaking business and from what I saw at first glance, she was looking to compete with Stephen King no less.  What else could I think when her post was titled “The Mystery of the Monster Egg“.  Well, I’ll tell you, the video lived up to its name, the suspense was almost unbearable, and the climax left…

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  1. Wow! I don’t think I’ve ever been reblogged before. I’m practicing my genuflecting as we speak, and also my apologizing, since it took me a whole day to realize I had been reblogged (I’m so bad with my mail). I thank you immensely, and just want you to know that I meant every kind word I said about you. (So when can I pick up my 5 bucks?) 😉 You know I’m kidding. 🙂


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